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If you are one of those who are struggling to proceed with a career in the field of Microsoft. Then this article is made for you. Here you will find all the answers to Microsoft Active Directory interviews.

Active Directory is one of the widest computer networking fields. If you are going to appear for an interview in the field of Network Administration then you are at the right place. Here you will find all the questions and answers that might come up while interviewing for the post in the computer network administrator field. 

How to define Microsoft Active Directory?

Active directory as the name suggests is a directory service developed by Microsoft to store information about different objects on the network and make information easy to comprehend for users. 

Competencies required to get a job in the field of Active Directory

There are a lot of jobs related to active directories. Each job has its own set of responsibilities. So to get a job in an active directory it is necessary to understand how the system works. 

  1. Active directory administration
  2. Group policy management
  3. Security management
  4. Powershell scripting
  5. Technical support

Interview questions for Active Directory

It does not matter whether you are a fresher or experienced worker there are a lot of basic questions that are frequently repeated while appearing for interviews for the post of Active Directory. There are following important questions are listed below:

  1. How will you define Active Directory?

Active Directory is a service that is used to store information and manage accounts and security issues effectively. It uses structured data as a basis for logical and horizontal directory information. Active directory basically stores and manages large data networks. 

  1. What are the major components of Active Directory?

There are four basic components of Active Directory.

  1. Domain name system
  2. Lightweight directory access protocol
  3. Kerberos
  4. Active directory domain service
  1. Define domain in Active directory.

Domains consist of different groups of network resources with a single security perimeter. An active Directory Domain is an organized group of computers, users and network resources that are controlled by administrator and security policies. 

  1. What do you understand about the term domain controller?

Domain controller as the name suggests controls the security and management policies of an active directory domain. It maintains computer access and resource access in the domain. It also copies data from the active directory to other domains. 

  1. What is DNS in the active directory? 

DNS is a distributing naming system for a computer that changes human-readable information into IP addresses. The active directory uses DNS to find out domain controllers and different resources in a domain. 

  1. What is the role of LDAP in the active directory?

Learning difficulties professional association helps to access and manipulate directory information. It helps to communicate with other directory services such as Unix-based directory services.

  1. What is the connection between the forest and the active directory?

Active directory and forest are often used interchangeably. Forest is one of the top-ranked organizations in active directory that consist of more than one domain that consists of a single global catalog. It also provides the best security parameters and methods to maintain isolation between different domains. 

  1. What are the advantages of using an active directory?
  • Active directory is simple and easy to use with complete network administration and security measures.
  • It makes it easy to store information.
  • Through it, we can easily manage and secure different resources on a network.
  • We can also access different sets of resources with a single credential.
  1. What is a tombstone in the Active directory?

A tombstone is basically a container object that consists of deleted objects in the Active directory. 

If an object is deleted from the active directory then it will not be removed from the directory. It will be saved with a special attribute that will indicate that it is a tombstone. Simply object will not be removed from the directory so you can restore it when needed. 

  1. Describe the Default domain controller policy.

The default domain controller policy is the set of policy settings that are used to control domains in the active directory. These rules control passwords and user accounts at the same time. Default domain controllers provide a completely secure and reliable environment for all users.

  1.  What are the functions of Group policies?

Group policies are used to manage and verify accounts and computer resources within a domain. It can be used to manage a variety of settings like security, software development, scripts and mapping. 

Group policies can be used to manage active directory situations and change mass to computer configurations. It will save you time and effort to manage a large number of computers. 

  1. Define Active directory recycle Bin. 

Recycle bin as the name suggests helps to recover deleted objects from all the window servers. When you delete an object then it will be stored in the recycle bin to recover when needed.

  1. What is an Active directory federation service?

It is a Microsoft management service that is used for single sign-on capabilities of both internal and external resources. It helps organizations to federate their identities with other companies. By using AD credentials you can easily access resources in the AD environment. ADFS also provides a secure environment for the account recovery of users.  

  1. Explain the Active directory certificate service. 

ADCS is a server that helps administrators to manage digital certificates for their organizations. It provides the following important services: 

  • To renew and issue a certificate
  • To revocate certificate
  • To manage certificate template and authority

AD certificate is one of the most important certificates for any organization that helps to maintain the connection between the device and the application.

  1. Define active directory management service.

It is a Microsoft technology that provides the best method to manage digital rights for documents and files. It helps organizations to assess how their content is being used by different persons. It also provides security measures through which authorities can save their content from being leaked outside the organization. 

  1. What are the problems that a person can face while using Active Directory?

There are different problems that a person might face while using an active Directory. First of all, if the active directory stops responding then the whole system will be stopped. 

If the active directory does not work well then all of the services related to it will also fail. Another problem is that if a hacker reaches the active directory all of the services related to it will be hacked as well. 

  1. What are the methods to secure an active directory?

There are the following important steps that can be taken to secure Active Directory:

  • Make sure that all of the domain controllers are running on the parameter of the updated operating system with complete security config25. Describe the differences between domain local, global and universal groups in Active Directory.. 
  • Use strong passwords and security policies.   
  • Make sure to apply multi-factor authentication for all users.
  • Monitor any changes and suspicious activities.
  • Allow access to only authorized persons to the Active Directory servers. 
  1. What are the major problems of Active Directory?

There are a lot of different problems that might be faced by individuals while working through the Active directory. If the database is not managed properly then it will be damaged or corrupted. 

If there is a poor network connection or the server is not responding then Active Directory will also stop working.

  1. What are the troubleshooting tips for Active Directory?

If you have any kind of problem with Active Directory then there are a few tips that you can use for troubleshooting. If DNS is incorrect then it also can create problems. So make sure to correct DNS in the settings. 

Check the event logs in DCs. Sometimes problems with DCS might affect the working of Active Directory. Also, check the replication status of DCs to avoid any kind of problem. 

  1. List Active directory Best Practices

An active directory is used to manage user accounts and computer network resources. It can also be harmful if Active Directory is not configured properly. 

There are a few basic practices for securing Active Directory:

  • End-to-end encryption for all accounts.
  • Strong password and security policies.
  • Group policy object to ensuring the security of sensitive data.
  • Restrict access of unauthorized persons to the servers of Active Directory.
  1. How to define an SYSVOL folder?

SySVOL is an important part of the Active directory. It saves sensitive information like database and log files. Without it proper functioning of Active Directory is not possible. 

  1. Define Global Catalog in Active Directory

A global catalog is a database that consists of copies of every object in the domain controller. It is stored on a domain controller and it replicates every other domain in a forest.

It helps users to find out the objects in the forest that is the center storing point of information. Whenever a user searches for an object then it is directed to the catalog server. After connecting it with the database the required results are reached by the user according to the criteria.

  1. What is Kerberos in Active Directory?

Kerberos is used by organizations to secure their network protocols. It provides one of the best network authentication procedures.  Kerberos is the basic component of a Microsoft server.

  Whenever a user wants to deploy the services of Kerberos then first of all he needs a ticket from Kerberos to access the services. 

The ticket is secured by the password so a ticket holder can access the services.

  1. Define snapshot in Active Directory

Snapshot is read-only a copy of Active Directory. If data is lost then we can use Snapshot to restore the data. Snapshots work under the volume shadow copy service to develop copies of files.

  1. Describe the difference between domain local, global and universal groups in Active Directory

When we talk about Active Directory there are three kinds of groups that are used to manage access of users and computer networks.

  • Domain local groups are used to allow access to a single domain.
  • Global groups are used to allow access across multiple domains.
  • Universal groups grant permission across multiple domains and forests.
  • The usage of different groups depends on the requirements. 

We hope that this article will be helpful for you to understand all the questions related to Active Directory. All these questions are designed by experts that will help you to overcome difficulties while appearing for a real interview.

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