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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900 Exam Certification

If you are one of those who are struggling to prepare for MS-900: Microsoft 365 fundamentals then you are at the right place as the MS-900 exam question will help you to prepare according to the requirements of real exam questions. It will increase your knowledge and polish your skills to excel in a professional career. Microsoft 365 exams include all the questions related to 365 core security and compliance. 

Here you will find all the information regarding MS-900 exam questions, overview and scope.

Overview of Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900 Exam Certification

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900 exam questions are designed on the pattern of Microsoft 365 exam questions. It will increase your confidence and reduce tension to appear successfully in real exams.  It is equally helpful for beginners and experienced professionals. 

Microsoft 365 core service includes all the information regarding Microsoft 365 core service exam questions. 

Security and compliance deal with different topics like data loss, prevention, security and compliance in Microsoft 365 core services. 

Microsoft 365 pricing and licensing deals with all licensing options and Microsoft 365 features.

Skills obtained through Microsoft MS-900 Exam Certification

Microsoft MS-900 exam certification helps to learn new skills related to developing solutions for the software as a service cloud model. You will also learn different techniques to solve problems like collaboration, optimization and communication.

Microsoft 365 core service exam will also polish your technical skills to perform practical tasks

  • Cloud adoption helps to understand the benefits of cloud adoption and how to implement these services in an organization. By learning how to sell and perform cloud-based services then you will be able to lead cloud-based services within the organization.
  • Second is the enterprise strategy which makes it easy to plan strategies and plan for the welfare of an organization. By learning to design a strategy you will be able to manage your organization more effectively.
  • Communication and collaboration are two important factors that acknowledge the team the advantages of a software workplace. It will help in a smooth transition. Definitely you will lead to an active and effective transition by listening to your team about the basic needs of an organization.
  • In security and compliance, the best practices in the software workplace can help in a more effective transition. To increase the potential and maintain optimization you can keep your organization more beneficial and productive.   
  • troubleshooting: after performing workplace software certain issues can take place so troubleshooting will help you to solve those problems. By understanding common issues you will be able to resolve them more effectively.

Requirements to pass Microsoft 365 Exam Certification

MS-900 exam certification is made for those who want to flourish their skills while working in a practical field to manage and organize Microsoft 365 core services.  It is more suitable for Microsoft 365 core service architects and engineers. 

  • If you are working on the post of Manager and want to excel in your career in the same field then Microsoft 365 core service exam certification is made for you. With the rising importance of workplace software, it is necessary for managers to understand how to implement Microsoft core services within an organization. 
  •  While you are working as a system administrator it is important for you to take MS-900 exams. Through it, you will learn the input and output of workplace software. If you want to be promoted to a project management role then you should pass the MS-900 exam certification. 
  • Being a project manager it is crucial to handle large-scale projects. Through it, you will be able to prove to your team members the best practices in team management.
  • Support Technician is responsible for a smooth transition in a software workplace. Through it, you will be able to show your team members that you understand all the basic practices of workplace software.  
  • In this modern technical world as there is a huge demand for workplace software then it is compulsory for Marketing and sales managers to understand what software the workplace can do with their organization.  By bypassing the MS-900 exam certification you will better understand to lead a smooth transition.

What is the need to pass MS -900 exam certification on Microsoft 365 fundamentals?  

Achieving Microsoft certification can be helpful to learn and develop leadership skills. It will open doors to new job opportunities and increase the worth of your resume. 

The MS-900 exam is the best exam certification to show leadership of a company in the Software Market. It is important for managers to understand how to implement software work in an organization.

   A lot of companies are making transitions to cloud-based software. MS -900 will let you know the importance of this transition.   

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced professional then MS -900 is the best tool for the transition of knowledge. With the rising importance of workplace software, it is important to meet the requirements of Workplace software.

What will you learn from Microsoft MS-900 exam certification?

  • To setup the Azure active directory
  • Manage Azure subscription services
  • To virtual networking in Azure
  • To manage and deploy Azure solutions
  • To control Azure accounts and storage
  • To build and manage the Azure SQL  database  
  • To manage and secure identities in Azure.

Basic knowledge before appearing for Microsoft MS-365 exam certification  

Before appearing for the Microsoft MS-900 exam certification there is a need to understand some basic concepts related to software workplace transition and core services.

  • To understand the basic knowledge regarding Microsoft 365 history, features and advantages.  
  • Good experience working on word, excel and PowerPoint.
  • How to work with Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • Understand how to solve Microsoft 365 problems with troubleshooting. 
  • Basic information about cloud computing and networking.

Introduction for MS-900 exams

Describe cloud concepts

  • Cloud-based productivity solutions
  • Difference between Microsoft 365 and window 365
  • Advantages of using cloud or permissive services

Describe core Microsoft 365 services and concepts

  • Productive solutions in Microsoft 365
  • Collaboration solution in Microsoft 365
  • Analytic capabilities in Microsoft 365

Outline security, compliance, privacy and trust in Microsoft

  • Security principles in Microsoft 356
  • Identity and access management solutions
  • Trust, privacy and compliance solutions

Describe Microsoft 365 pricing and support

  • Plan and predict pricing
  • To recognize different pricing solutions in Microsoft 365
  • Support offering for Microsoft 365 services

What is the study material that can be used for the preparation for Microsoft 365 exam certification?

The best way to prepare for Microsoft 365 exam certification is to find valid, accurate and straightforward exam content. A few of the best preparation strategies are given below for helping candidates

    If you are a beginner to prepare for Microsoft Azure certification then the Microsoft learning path might be your first choice for effective preparation.

 Secondly, Microsoft instructor-led video training might be an effective tool for preparation.  

Microsoft Learn is also one of the best options for the preparation for Microsoft 365 core exam certification.  

  You can also use practice tests and Microsoft documentation and the best preference guide for the preparation for MS-900 exam certification. 

Last but not least comes Microsoft MVPs and professionals to get guidance for MS-900 exams.

Tips to prepare for MS-900 Microsoft 365 exam certification 

  • Understand the format or pattern of real exam questions.  
  • Cover all the exam topics to ensure 100% guaranteed success. 
  • Microsoft documentation is one of the best sources for effective preparation.
  • Practice tests are the best testing engines that will increase your chances of success in real exams. 

We hope that you might have found the direction to prepare for Microsoft 365 exam certification through this article. This preparation guide will get you a complete idea about workplace software and Microsoft 365. In case of any queries, you can comment on this official website or email us for any help or guidance.

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